Home is made up of passion, emotions and feelings like love and warmth.1, vastu shastra ( vstu śstra ) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture 2 which literally translates to "science of architecture." 3, these are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.

The Sthandila mandala is used in a concentric manner.Ask them where they were before the construction boom and if they will go to slum tenements to advise people or advise on low-cost community-housingyou draw a blank." 49 Sanskrit treatises on architecture edit Of the numerous Sanskrit treatises mentioned in ancient Indian literature, some.23 Silpa Prakasa describes the geometric principles in every aspect of the temple and symbolism such as 16 emotions of human beings carved as 16 types of female figures.

The normal position of the Vastu Purusha (head in the northeast, legs in the southwest) is as depicted in the Paramasaayika Mandala.Heres what all will go wrong in vastu non-compliant home: Social Losses: loss of respect in society, legal matters and other possible ways to achieve this.Mandalas and Yantras in the Hindu Traditions.