Often called a "mini these little versions stand about.5 inches tall.He can be customized similar to Pullip dolls.Controversy edit The Pullip release originally scheduled for July 2005 was called Beressa, a "lady spy who came with a black uniform and cap with gold braids and red details, including a red arm band and a pistol.

Pullip suomi

Type 3 was the least posable stock body and remains so even today. There are also Little Taeyangs, Little Dals, and Little Byuls that are part of the Little

The magazine book includes the full catalog of each Pullip released up to that point, concepts, interviews with the designers, collaborations with popular clothing lines, guides on customizing Pullips, and outfit patterns of brand-name fashion designs.Some stores that have had these exclusive Pullips are Toys-R-Us Japan, who sold Vivien in November 2004; Magma Heritage, in Singapore, who sold Bianca, Oren, and Mitzi in 2004; HauteDoll, in Los Angeles and New York, who sold Haute LA and Haute NY in 2007;.Like the other dolls in the Pullip line, Yeolume is customizable, and her body can easily be swapped for a sturdier, more flexible body (e.g., a Pure Neemo or Obitsu body).

Although chemical melt is the most widely recognized problem with the Type 2 body, it is not known whether environmental conditions (heat, humidity) exacerbate the melt.Between 20, there have been over 220 Pullip doll releases.