During the five days' testing period, all vehicles were continuously fully loaded.A b c d Blomberg: Tehdas laajenee laajenemistaan.The Vanaja brand ceased to exist in 1971, after which the former Vanaja factory produced Sisu terminal tractors, bus chassis, military vehicles and mobile crane chassis.

Uudenmaan autotehdas

yössä (1961) ja Laituri (1965). Kuusikymmentäluku oli dramaattinen murroskausi suomalaisen elokuvan historiassa. Vuoden 1963 luku on noin 475 markkaa ja vuoden 1969 luku noin 670 markkaa. Mielenosoituksia ilmeni, mutta

Autotehdas palkka

tavanomainen tehdashalli. Välipalan valmistaminen tai lemmikkien ruokkiminen nostaa myös tuntipalkan märä - otathan nämä asiat huomioon palkatessasi kodinhoitoapua. Vuonna 1958 Vanaja alkoi brittiläisen Leylandin ja ruotsalaisen Volvon esikuvan

The proposal was presented in a meeting on 20 March.This invention enabled an additional load.5 tonnes to be carried and the entire load on the tandem could be moved to the fore axle using an electro-hydraulic system.Ansaldo offered engines of between 100 hp and 8,000 hp intended for marine and industrial applications.

Diesel engines became widely available in 1955, and in 1959 VAT introduced its most significant innovation, the full load lifting tandem axle mechanism, which improved off-road capability significantly; the system is now used in Sisu vehicles.The later versions were called AS-33.In a general meeting held in 1948, the board decided to rename the company Vanajan Autotehdas and the brand of the vehicles became Vanaja.